Penomet Gaiters

penomet gaitersThe Penomet pump makes use of interchangeable medical grade silicone gaiters for pumping. They’re the only pump to utilize medical grade silicone, and it’s softer and easier on your skin compared to the tougher rubber that other extenders use. Penomet made their gaiters removable to add value to your purchase. It’s better than your entire pump becoming outdated. When you need more suction, you can just pick up a stronger gaiter.

I love the idea, and it makes much more sense to me than purchasing a pump with a fixed rubber gaiter which, if it rips, renders the entire pump useless. It also means you can upgrade your pump when Penomet releases a stronger gaiter.

Now they have five different strengths accessible, I make use of all five in the exercises section and discuss. Here is a closer look at them:

Gaiter Force 60

The Force 60 gaiter is the cheapest strength available and is for first-time pumpers and beginners. You don’t want to start off with the strongest pump you can because you may damage your member, get water retention, or cause physical pain. These are dangers associated with traditional water-based pumping that doesn’t occur with the Penomet because of the gaiter system. It’s purple and slips over the bottom of the tube like the other gaiters.

Gaiter Force 65

The Force 65 is used after using the beginner Force 60. It is blue in color and isn’t as strong as more advanced gaiters. The changing strengths are used to build you up to higher strengths. With the lower forces, you can supply your member some variation during your exercise routine.

Gaiter Force 70

The Force 70 is the average strength gaiter from the collection. The color is black, and it comes with the Penomet Extra and Standard packages. This is my favored gaiter to alternate with the force 80 gaiter below.

Gaiter Force 75

Force 75 gaiter is one step away from the strongest pump, comes in gray and is only available when you purchase the premium bundle. It is because most folks are anticipating girth gains and won’t need the strength unless they intend to use it more than one inch.

Gaiter Force 80

It’s more difficult to push down due to the thickness of the gaiter. It provides you with an amazing pump, but should exclusively be used after you have worked your way upward. This is, like I said previously, to avoid blisters, etc.

X85 Monster Gaiter

Penomet Force85 is the newest addition which is the maximum force. 45% stronger than the Force 80 gaiter and 160% stronger than the Force 70. The X85 is unmistakable given its bright green glow – this is the most efficient pump gaiter to date, recommended only for those who own and have mastered the entire selection of gaiters provided in the Penomet Premium bundle.

Changing Gaiters Only Takes A Second

The gaiters all snap on. The Purple gaiter is thin vs. the red gaiter that is thick. So the red force 80 requires a bit more of a push to snap it on. I recorded a quick video to show how rapid altering gaiters is with the Penomet.

The Best Feature Of The Penomet Pump

My favorite thing about the penomet is that it’s upgradable. I don’t like to spend 300 dollars every time a pump that is better comes out, and with the gaiter system instead of purchasing a new pump you can just pick up the newest gaiter. It’s a great value. Make sure to read the full Penomet pump review.