Get A Larger Penis with Penomet

penomet-penis-extenderThe idea behind the Penomet penis pump is just like a penis enlargement exercise. This method is used to expand and stretch the erectile tissue so that your penis can naturally be able to hold more blood.

Does penis size matter? Yep, it does for a lot of men. Is your penis size of average length? Can you satisfy your partner with your size? Your inability leads you to find a new way to make your penis bigger and stronger. People now believe that a penis pump can help you in this regard, and it is finally proven.

A penis pump is just a mechanical tool which creates a vacuum with the aim of pushing your blood into the penis. It’s very safe to use. This device is not magic, and it just needs a little effort so that you can get the best result from using it.

What Is Penomet?

Different types of penis pumps are available these days. One of the most efficient penis pumps is Penomet, and it has already been very popular all over the world for its useful and unique system. In the shower, you can easily use your penomet, which is a water based pump. It creates a safe and vigorous vacuum around the penis shaft. This stunning device increases both girth and length of the penis. This one is more reliable and efficient than any other penis pump on the market.

Ordinary penis pumps don’t guarantee permanent or long lasting results. However, penomet does it. In regular use, it creates long term gains of 1 to 3 inches. This pump is hundred percent safe and very comfortable. It comes with its own innovative and unique interchangeable gaiter system.

Is Penomet Safe?

When someone uses penis pumps incorrectly and excessively, these may cause damage to the tissue in his penis. This issue is exactly why lots of people are scared to use penis pumps. But penomet is the healthiest and safest penis pump men always depend on and is designed for maximum protection. This feature is the main attraction of the device. It’s unique and innovative feature is the ‘Gaiter System,’ which lets you slowly increase the pressure to get your penis bigger.

So what are that penomet gaiters? They are all rubber rings which should be attached to the pump. These rings represent an amount of pressure. Almost all pumps you have already used have just one gaiter. Isn’t it? However, this one comes with 5.

The most important thing about those great rings is you can know how much pressure you are using. While pumping, this plays a vital role. Many people use pumps even they don’t know the amount of pressure they use. When you pump, much more pressure for an extended period can lead to tissue damage.

Is Penomet Certified?

This useful product has won lots of awards, such as The Best New Product in 2013 Venus Awards, Germany. Only this penis pump has a CE marking, that means this pump complies with each manufacturing requirement of the EU. It has won not only the certification from RoHS but also from the ISO. So, there’s no risk. This penis pump was tested for more than two years before it was released in the market.

How Does It Work?

This penile pump creates a vacuum so as to push blood into your penis. It is right the way our bodies naturally work. The difference with this penis pump is it doesn’t require for you to be aroused. Here I help you go through several basics on how men go from flaccid to hard as well as how that performs the operation of Penomet.

  • You probably know about nitrous oxide. It’s usually called laughing gas. You know, there’s nitric oxide, as well as it is what your body uses for your erection. During your normal erection, it is critical. Nitric oxide increases the flow of your blood into your penis and causes that to expand. You can also find this nitric oxide in almost all male enhancement pills. It plays a significant role in your member gaining girth and length naturally.
  • When men get sexually aroused, they produce nitric oxide. It is a very common reason why guys sometimes find themselves standing in a crowd with a hard on that they can’t control. When your blood starts running into your penile area, it fills those cells of your penis area and expands them. The cells are elastic.
  • Blood flows through these cells continuously, increasing the size of them, so that they can reach their maximum elasticity.
  • This is where your Penomet comes into play. That vacuum action greatly forces blood into your penile area, causing your cells to become full. It is constantly done, so your body gets aroused every single time. In the cells, there’s more room to be filled with blood. That extra room comes with extra girth and length.

Penomet has some parts:

  • A cylinder: you have to put your penis in it.
  • A rubber ring: you use this for creating a seal between the cylinder and your body.
  • A pump head: it’s used to create a vacuum to increase the blood flow to your penis and fill those cells with blood. Your cells remarkably expand this way.

penomet gaiters

How to Use It?

It is easy to use. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a gaiter. In the beginning, use the lowest pressure.
  2. Attach your gaiter to that central cylinder.
  3. Put the cylinder onto your penis as well as keep pumping (slowly) until you feel there’s a vacuum seal.
  4. Pump every few minutes. Continue this for 20 minutes.
  5. When you are done, press that release valve which you will find at the end of your pump.
  6. In case you feel comfortable after a certain amount of time, you can change gaiters and increase the pressure.

A few weeks later, you must notice that your penis is gaining.

Forget all about dangerous and painful extenders and weights. This pump is the best way to make a penis larger and stronger. What you have to do is to use a safe and well-designed penis pump like Penomet. Guaranteed? Of course, if you don’t notice any gains, or don’t like this product for any reason, you can return it. You will get the full refund just within 60 days. You should buy this from the manufacturer’s official website so that you can get the money back guarantee.


  • Gaiters of a couple of sizes plus suction powers where you can easily choose from
  • Reputable and well-established brand
  • Made of top quality materials
  • The option to upgrade a basic order to premium
  • Affordable price
  • Bigger and stronger erections
  • Add inches to your penis length
  • Boost up your confidence
  • 30% thicker penis
  • Cylinders of different colors
  • No side effects, 100% risk-free
  • Get started within 60 seconds
  • Effortless and easy to use
  • Increase your sexual stamina
  • Stop your premature ejaculation
  • Long term gaiter replacement warranty
  • Prevent sexual impotence
  • A 60-day money back guarantee

Penomet Results

The results a man gets can depend on a couple of factors. These are: how regularly someone uses it; if he uses it correctly; and if he is healthy. One of the most important reasons why people prefer it is that can have a record of constantly increasing penis length by one to three inches. Before using it, you may be at 5 inches. After using it daily for a few months, your penis could grow up to 8 inches.

Keep in mind that if you have some health problems that slow down the circulation of your blood, the results may not be as fast as you expect. You must keep healthy to maximize the results of your Penomet.

However, if you follow the simple steps outlined on this page, you will notice the results (before and after) of it without delay. You will do notice improved girth and length over time. Your body will develop to the maximum potential as well.

If you’re intrested in a comparison with other hydro pumps, you can read this Bathmate Hydromax review.

Price And Where to Buy?

In 3 packages, this product can arrive. Penomet Standard will cost you $127 / £79. To use further gaiters and potentially make your size even bigger, you can use Penomet Extra plus Penomet Premium. Penomet Extra costs $197 / £127, and Penomet Premium costs $297 / £197. This is a small price to pay for your member to gain size and confidence in the bedroom. They will usually have a discount for you when they’re doing promotions.

You can buy one from the official website.

Below is a Penomet video review from another user.